Nov 06
Review of Screenflow 4

If you have been a long-time reader of MacMania, you may recall that I did a review of Screenflow back when it was a brand new application over four years ago. However, a lot has changed since then! First of all, Screenflow is now produced by Telestream instead of Vara software, but besides that, there are several new features in the latest version.

Screenflow has always been a combination of a screen capture application and a video editor. In the first version, I recall it having a timeline similar to iMovie but the new version has a much more robust feature set with regards to this. As a matter of fact, this can now be compared to having a Final Cut Pro-like timeline. For example, if you have a complex set of clips that together form a part of your video, they can now be “nested” together to form a grouping of them for easier editing. Sound familiar? This is a feature from Final Cut! Another new feature is the ability to organize your files with a media library. With these two features in place, some of the more complicated editing needed to produce professional-quality screencasts is much easier.

Besides organizational features, there are several powerful aspects that have been added to version 4 such as closed captioning and chroma key. These are also more advanced video editing features, and with Screenflow’s goal seeming to be the ability to create your entire professional screencast production without the use of external editing software, this is a tremendous help. The closed captioning can be done in multiple languages and exported separately from the file in order to allow users to choose whether or not to view them. The other great feature for advanced editing that is now included is chroma key. For those of you who have not heard of chroma key, it is, in essence, the practice of using a green screen in order to insert a background, often for the illusion of being in a different place than you actually are. This is frequently used, most notably, by TV weather personalities; instead of actually standing in front of the weather map that shown on TV, they are usually standing instead in front of a green background, with the weather map put in later. Screenflow now adds this powerful functionality.

With these features in place, plus many more, Screenflow is, along with iShowU, one of my personal favorite screen capture applications, so please feel free to check them out at their website and pick up a copy!

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Review of Screenflow 4

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