Apr 17
Review Of Curio

For today’s blog post, I would like to review an application called Curio. Curio is a general purpose mind-mapping and project management application from Zengobi Software, that also incorporates the Getting Things Done theory into it.

The application has a much different interface than a lot of Mac apps, but it still stays consistent in many of its features. It consists of three main parts: a toolbar on the top, an extremely robust and powerful inspector on the side, and a main work area in the middle known as the idea space.

The toolbar gives you options for easily creating new projects, lists, and mind maps, but it also gives some fantastic drawing tools navigation tools, buttons for taking audio, video, and screen recordings, activating presentation mode, and Sleuth, all of which I will talk about later. In the picture below, you will see a sample project I made with a list, a mind map, and a background change from the Inspector, called the Shelf by this application.

One feature I particularly enjoy is the ability to record audio and video notes to yourself, as shown below.

It’s perfectly easy to do, and when you’re done, a voice/video note is placed straight into your idea space. There are so many things that can be done with this app, from managing products and scrapbooks to doing world-class presentations, and it is such an awesome app that I will have to rate it five stars and send you to the website to check it out. Remember, be sure to email me with all review requests, contact me or follow me on Twitter, and comment on the blog post!

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Review Of Curio

7 Responses to “Review Of Curio”

  1. Matthew Bibby Says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for the Curio review! I started using it a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it – it is a such a great way to get started on projects.

    I have been using it to do mind maps of my ideas about projects, then storyboard the content and even presenting initial ideas to clients (you can do presentations using it). The pro version also has awesome project management capabilities – Love it!


  2. Benjamin Fryxell Says:

    Hey Matt!
    Sure thing…It’s a great app! And I must say it’s a pretty interesting app. Very unique! I think the pro features are called dossiers?

  3. Matthew Bibby Says:

    The dossiers are pretty cool, but the must have pro feature for me is the Status Shelf – see here: http://www.zengobi.com/products/curio/pro/

    Downside is Curio is pretty pricey – but they do offer a 60 day trial which is a good way to see if it really is worth the money.

  4. macmania Says:

    Yeah…I guess that’s what really gets the GTD aspect put in. Curio is pretty pricey though, but I guess to some people it would be more than worth it.

  5. Rusty Craig Says:

    Excellent review. I’m looking forward to using this application. It’s a bit pricey though. Do they offer free trial?

  6. Benjamin Fryxell Says:

    Thank you very much! And yes, they offer a 25-day free trial.

  7. Eurico Says:

    Hi. I’d like to know if I’ll loose all the notes I’ve taken in all projects/idea spaces in Curio 6. I guess I’ve read somewhere that this could happen.


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